Everyone has their own story. A tale to tell. Memories to share. And a whole lot of stuff to regret.
A new beginning ends an ending. And an ending marks a new beginning.
Looking back throughout the year, I can’t say much. Maybe because they’re too PRECIOUS to say, or too HORRIBLE, making me refusing to say them. Whatever they were, the year of 2006 was definitely an upturn in my life. Not because of what I’ve learnt.Nor is it because of my ups and downs or the memories I’ve made. But because of the amazing people I’ve gotten to know, and gotten to meet with. People who’d guided me to where I should be, who’d stayed with me no matter what the circumstances were, who’d showed they care.

To Rina, whose good judgement is beyond others. Who stands by me since day one till today. Who always closes her eyes during photo shoots 😛 and who gave me the most beautiful bracelet I’ve ever set my eyes on.

To Jolene, whom I know all this while, as one of the greatest person. Whose memory, I hope, will improve in the years to come. Who always wants the best for her friends.

To Terence, whose sarcasm never leaves him. Who’s always prepares to dish out advises and be a listening ear. Who’s never too stingy to give his guidance.

To Kalus, whom I owe a bucket of apologies, and thank yous. Who’s always there, sharing the sweetness and bitterness. Who rationalises his friends, no matter what.

To Siti, whose thoughtfulness impresses those around her. Who offers a kind hand to those who need it. And a shoulder to cry on (or to lean on, hehe).

To Edwin, whose dry sense of humour shall be remember. Who possesses a unique way of teaching (a.k.a being criticised for dumbness comes first). And for meekly following us around parkson all this while 😛

To Syafiqah, whose patience is as sticky as marmalade on bread. Who makes me laugh even when I’m down. Whose “spur of the moment” style I’ll always have respect for.

To those mentioned, and to those who weren’t, to my friends, thank you. For making my life a blessed experience. And no, I’m not dying. Just leaving for ns. Hell in heaven. Or hell in hell.
A rhapsody on its own? Maybe.

2007, a new journey begins.