I think i’ve left this blog for more than a week.Or was it more than 2? Oh SOD it. Who cares anyway.
Just arrived home! Well…more like 2 hours ago 😛 but….i’m home!
How i’ve been 
waiting for this day! Staying in KL for 9 days was hell.
Let’s see….

Arrived at Pan Pacific Hotel. Ok, straight to the point. Seriously, what was wrong with checking in early? Why must it be 11 am? Didn’t they realise we had to wait?? But then my mum said the system’s similar to the hotels in japan. Seemed like they forgot they’re in bloody Malaysia. Nikko wasn’t like that.And IT’S A JAPANESE HOTEL.
Then we went to Ikea. I saw this cute study lamp that i so must have for my room.Though of course, i don’t need it considering SPM’s 
over . So it won’t exactly be easy to convince my mum to buy it right? Only i found myself telling her how my sister needs it since she’s in secondary school and all (of course, forgetting the fact that our room already has one which we rarely use.Never, in fact) and she actually bought my story! Really, adults nowadays can be so clueless. But i got what i wanted for my room 😉  cheers.
I couldn’t remember what else happened on that day….
Oh! Went to bro’s campus where i almost lost my temper.Patience is really a virtue.

Where did we go on that day? Oh. One Utama. Bla bla bla. Done.


As i was walking out of the KTM, an idiotic moron guy stepped on my slipper and it fell through 
the gap onto the railway track. I was slipperless! Thanks to him! Dad called the janitor and he said he couldn’t do that since it’s
dangerous and we can only get it after 12. After 12! Even Cinderella went home at 12!And for his information, Cinderella is a very famous story, favours by the young and old.So we should respect her timing. But i guess, one such as him wouldn’t understand that.As my dad talked to the security, i borrowed the janitor’s broom and dustpan 
and took it myself. Duh. I hope that stupid guy reads what i’d wrote about him.

All were boring. That and i couldn’t remember 🙂

Which reminds me, national service’s in 3 days.I haven’t even packed yet! It took me 2 days to pack for a 2-day camp. How about 3 months? Nevermind. I’ll just throw everything in the suitcase.Everyone else will be bringing a suitcase right? Or suitcases. There’s nothing wrong with bringing more than one. I mean, you’ll never know what you might need.It’s not like they have Watson or Guardian nearby. But of course, i won’t bring more than one. That’s like unnatural.I just have to wash my clothes.On my own.Me.Wash clothes.I’m so DEAD . I’ve never done that before.I don’t even know what’s the difference between detergent and Softlan. Or are they the same thing? Whatever. I’m sure things will turn out fine.I just need to learn a thing or two.Or maybe a whole lot.