If i close my eyes, i can still see it.
It was during exam. Mock 3 I think. I’d finished answering the questions (or couldn’t care less
about it anymore since i didn’t know the answers πŸ˜› however you want to look at it)
I looked out of the window. Looked at
that tree.
I always stared at it whenever I wanted to think. Just to let my thoughts wandered. For a short moment.
It was on that day. That I thought about my future. I usually avoided that topic. Nearing SPM, it was getting depressed. Everybody couldn’t seem to find other issues to discuss about. It was either “What do you really want to be?” or…”Where are you going after this?”….
Hell. Hearing that was a torture. Asking them to
shut up would have been rude. Of course they’re enthusiastic. They already have a plan. Or a vague idea, at least, of what to do with their lives.
I didn’t. Still don’t. And…would it be too much if I say that it
doesn’t really matter?
As long as I’ll get to
do what I want, other things don’t seem that important. Planning is just isn’t me. The only time I’d planned, was before writing a BM essay. Which hopefully, I won’t have to do again. Seriously, language isn’t beautiful if it gets serious like that. And all those
“prosa klasik” and stuff? What do they have against normal sentences? I thought the
SIMPLEST is always the best. It’s good if everyone knows that.
I guess, reality hasn’t really
kicked in yet.
No planning = dead
I’m comfortable like this. I don’t want to go anywhere. Don’t we all? πŸ™‚
But..even if I’m given that choice. I wouldn’t take it. Nobody would.
I’ll get fat if i stay here all the time anyway. All those snacks….jk πŸ˜›