Yesterday, i was awoken by the news of the baby rabbits getting stucked.
Today, i was awoken by the news of it’s
What will tomorrow bring?

When my maid told me that, I was all, “Oh,” then rolled back to sleep. When i woke up, it HIT me.
It’s dead. I was amazed at how calm i felt. It didn’t affect me. At all. I got so used to hearing that
I guess. That it doesn’t really matter anymore. The only thing I could think of was, “Why didn’t
Toru look after it?” A foolish question, I know. Seeing that i was angry to a rabbit. But i guess, i needed to channel my anger somewhere.
So I took a visit to the former-mother’s cage. And I saw Toru lying in her cage quietly. Just staring.

It suddenly dawned on me that it’s more of a lost to her than to me. She lost a baby rabbit.
Her first baby. How could I have loved Baby Toru more than her? I saw her grew up. From a

little bunny. To a mother. The first time my mum brought her home, I actually jumped in delight.
She’s so pretty. All grey and white. The smartest, the hardest to catch, the one who’s always in a positive mood ( and spilled her food) . And seeing her all down like that…
So what right? There’ll be more Baby Toru and Baby Barney and Baby Yuko.
But there’s only
one Toru. One Barney. And one Yuko.

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