Be true to yourself.
That’s it right?
We can lie to other people, cheat, or do whatever we want to do.
But the important thing is to always be true to ourselves. No matter what we say or
do, be without pretention.
What kind of person who deals with lies all the time anyway?
What kind of life does that person leads?
When you
don’t even know what you want in life. Or when you do know but choose to ignore.
Evading the facts. Maybe it’s fear. Or pride-the biggest enemy. It seems to
outdo us in everything. Even in the little things life has to offer.

When you stare in the mirror.What do you see?
You see yourself staring back. Every
inch the same. Except for something you would never have realised without the existence of mirrors. You see the reflection of fear. Insecurity. You see the person whom you are trying to hide the whole time. All. From just a reflection.
What will happen if you explore that person?

The one hidden beneath the complexity.
Know itself from the inside and outside.
You found yourself.

Reality check is always scary. To know something you don’t want to know.
But i guess, the scariest part is when you have
LOST yourself forever. Never finding who you really are. Or the sole reason for existing.
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