One subject left. 3 papers. Heh, it seems like I’m always counting. Counting how many days left before SPM ends, counting how much time I have before I have to leave for national service.
The countings will never end.
I guess, not everything is in our reach. Nor are they possible to achieve. No matter how hard we try or how desperate we are to own it.
Believing in the impossible makes everything possible. Faith is a strong thing. To believe in yourself and everything around you. If you don’t even own that then you own nothing. Life would be meaningless. People, us, we strive to make our life meaningful. That when we look back in years to come, there will be satisfaction. No regrets. No ifs.
Is that even possible?
A truth which lies.
We do things and we believe. We own things and we hold on to it. In believing in something, even if it’s fairytale material, we make it seems real. The more we stretch our hand to grab it, the further it seems to be. But we keep trying. And trying. Because that is what we believe in. Even when we know deep down, we’re chasing an illusion. That’s what keeps us moving. Without halting. Be it a fantasy or reality,that is what leads us. In the direction we want, or the other. We run, fall, and scrapped our knees. Just to achieve it.
We might do things we don’t intend to, without meaning it. But we do it anyway.
Given that, the journey grows more difficult and longer. And we would usually forget what we’re chasing for in the first place.
The dream. The fairytale.
The truth that we know lies.
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